Unlike other sites, we don't claim to have a super computer, processing top secret algorithms. Our brains and experience are what power our picks. We aren't all-knowing...we can't help you with baseball, basketball, or any other sports, frankly. We only pick NFL games. 

In fact, a sportsbook at one of the largest casino hotel companies recently conveyed to our founder, KC, that he finished each of the last two seasons as one of the "top three professional handicappers" that they track; NFL straight bets in 2017 and NFL teasers in 2018.

That being said, we'll never tell you "we have a guaranteed winner" or a "lock"...because we don't. Nobody does. Crystal balls and magic pick-em potions aren't real. Our track record is what's real. We have been exploiting the lines and picking winners, season after season, for twelve successful years. We are honest, thorough, and consistent. We are your edge against the lines. Your pro football edge. 🏈💵

Who are we?

Pro Football Edge helps bettors on professional football take advantage of perceived miscalculations in the sportsbook lines.

KC, the founder of PFE, lives and breathes pro football. He decided twelve years ago to focus his analysis and efforts on personally betting the NFL season...and he hasn't looked back.

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We have tailored our membership packages to every level of comfort and budget. If you just want to dip your toe in, week-to-week picks might be best for you.

Ready to go all in?  If you already know you're a PFE lifer, you'll want our full season package, on which you'll save considerably. Either way, just do whatever's comfortable.

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what are people saying?

A wise man once said that you don't have to tell people how great/smart you are...if you REALLY ARE, people will find out on their own.  Let us help you with that, by seeing what others have to say about KC and Pro Football Edge!

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We won't win 'em all this year...and fortunately we don't need to. Like a well-constructed stock portfolio, our strategy involves magnifying the impact of winners and mitigating the impact of losers.  The result has been consistent profitability over time.

Growth of $10K in each of the last five NFL seasons (click HERE to see individual seasons)

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