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Hi, I'm KC.  As a kid growing up in Allentown, PA, we were a football family.  We played it, we watched it, and most everyone in my family regularly bet on it.  Primarily what I would call "entertainment wagers", everybody was having fun...but admittedly, my family was always losing.  Bets of the heart...not bets of the smart.  I wanted to figure out a way to bet smarter...still have fun, but also win.  I spent years watching and re-watching games.  Scouring the stats, crunching the numbers, and generally just racking my brain in the hopes of gaining an edge.  After years of work, I wasn't any better than anyone else at picking the winners.  The problem...we were all looking at the same stats, the same player insights, the same weather reports, etc.  Your picks are as good as the information upon which they're based.  If everyone has the same info, there exists no advantage.  In fact, the very point spreads themselves were determined by professionals analyzing and interpreting this same data.  In other words, all of that was already "baked in" to the Vegas odds, by people doing it for a LIVING.

So, I retrained my focus.  I began looking at the lines themselves, a known number that was already the product of considerable professional wisdom and analysis.  I created my own system to determine which point spreads were flawed, if even by only half a point.  I got good at it.  Really good.  What started as a hobby, quickly took center stage.  I decided to bet pro football, full time.  That was twelve years ago.

To be clear, I only bet the NFL and I do not bet every game.  My system allows me to find an average of five NFL point spreads each week that I believe are flawed.  Some weeks more, some weeks less.  I bet ONLY those games, plus an occasional parlay and/or teaser.  During the NFL season, I am in Las Vegas every weekend, 100% committed to my job.  This is my livelihood.  I don't hit the tables, I don't go out at night, I don't drink, I don't smoke...I work.  I created Pro Football Edge to give professional and occasional bettors alike, an edge betting the NFL.  I provide picks to my subscribers in advance of each week's games and I personally bet every game I send you. I'm not a wizard.  Not all weeks are winners, but to date, all seasons have been.  If you stick with me and follow my lead, I assure you that you'll be back next year.  The price to play is steep...but my repeat client rate suggests it's worth it!


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